The Golden Quarter of the Year

Are you ready for the Golden Quarter of the Year?

The months October to December are the golden quarter for the retail business.
You, as the producing artist and crafts person will zero in on this time while still enjoying the heat of the sun and sandy beaches – the Christmas Time sales are to be planned now.

I am guiding you to efficiency and optimization of the processes.
Following is to consider:
How many pieces of your work will you need to create for the Christmas season?
The stores will turn the stock by the End September and you will need to let them know and eventually negotiate how much of your work and when is it the best time to deliver (Usually beginning October).

Once you know how many pieces you want to produce and when you need to deliver, following steps are to complete:

Create a timeline for following parts of the process:
1. Material order
2. Production time
3. Packaging order
4. Certificate of authenticity and promotional materials: design and order
5. Finishing and Packaging time.
6. Appointment with the store for delivery (ask for feedback do they need biz. cards, stands for brochures or plastic bags/giveaways.
7. Delivery

I create concepts for each season with distinct theme. Most of the art related outlets have frequent clients who are always looking for something new; so get creative and think of theme or story that will make your work different each season.

Have fun, the best sales of the year are at your door, prepare, produce and prosper☺

By the way,
The book “All About Silk Scarves Business” is available in the Kindle store and in the Kindle lending library – get mobile, have fun!